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How To Kill Time While You Wait For Her

So you just booked yourself a massage. Bet you're pretty pumped about it! We were rather excited when we first came to Vegas and organized a massage for ourselves as well. There is just something truly amazing about it that is unlike anything else you'll experience not just in Vegas, but in most other destinations. But what should you expect? After all, what is such a woman going to do for you? And what in the world is this massage actually going to entail? Even if you have had plenty of other massages before, it really is a bit tricky to know what this sort of activity is going to bring about. That is why we are here. To walk you through what the GFE girl is going to do with you and how your massage will go down.

Hotel Room is Best

If you haven't decided on a location yet, we highly recommend your hotel room. It is just much easier to do it here. Asking GFE girls to "meet you in the middle of the desert" isn't the best course of action. Chances are you'll end up in the desert, waiting for your massage for a long time (and before you scoff at this idea, trust's happened far more than you can possibly imagine). The hotel room is behind closed doors, everyone is comfortable and it will go on far better. Just make sure to place that "do not disturb" tag on the outside of the door. It always gets a bit awkward when the cleaning lady walks in.

Setting the Mood?

Alright, so you've got it booked for the hotel room. You've set the time and you know when about she'll show up. So, now what. Do you just kind of twiddle your thumbs for a bit? Check out a pay-per-view movie and hope it finishes before she arrives? Maybe try out the new app you've been looking at downloading? Some guys do wonder what sort of setting or mood they should create for their GFE companion. Well, we well tell you, it honestly doesn't matter all that much. You are free to do just about anything and everything you want (within reason, naturally).

Not much into planning? Don't. You don't need to go out and pick up a truck load of candles or incense or anything like that. Besides, doesn't incense just kind of remind you of that one friend from college who would like up those sticks just before blazing down? You know, that sandalwood combo smoke thing? Yeah. It's not necessary. If you want to turn the lights down to more of a "mood" lighting, that is fine, but you don't need to go crazy with it.

Las Vegas GFE Is Incredible

Now that you are ready for that massage GFE girls, you have saved money on the lack of hundreds of candles (plus, when sheets and clothing is being tossed every which way, having open flames everywhere isn't a great idea). With all of this said and done, you are now able to take advantage of your Las Vegas GFE escorts. She'll arrive and get the massage started. So what will happen with the massage? Well, it just depends, really. Everyone is a bit different and every girl provides some different moves. GFE Las Vegas hotties are going to rub you down on their own, particular way. It also depends on what you like. So, when booking your Vegas GFE girl, you don't need to do much of anything, actually.

This is one of the perks of being in Vegas. Everything is taken care for you. You just need to tell them the time and the place and everything else is arranged. So sit back, relax, and maybe check out that PPV show while you ready yourself for this amazing massage.

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